An introduction to personal synthesis

This is my first entry in this blog but I am not new to the blogging world or web 2.0.  I’ve spent the past decade immersed in this world – the entirety of my twenties.  I will be thirty this year.  An official adult.  With youth behind me, I like to think I have some lessons and wisdom to share if you care to stick around.  You and I and our parents and grandparents are now doing this blogging thing.  And, we’re all linked-in.  We all tweet and facebook now. (While spell-check doesn’t recognize it yet, facebook is now being used as a verb.)  Privacy is dead.  We are all expected to update our “status” around the clock.  We follow each other and accept friend requests left and right. Transparency is the new “thing”.

Do you really care that tonight I went on a mission with my boyfriend to Metuchen to find a 2004 vintage of Red Diamond for $9.99 because I’m on what I refer to as my recession budget?  (See my twitter page if you do.)

I think my first blogging experience began with a diaryland page that I kept for about two years and posted to religiously.  I was twenty years old.  I bared my soul before it was really popular to do so.  I impulsively locked that page and never returned, moving on to the new horizons of Myspace and Facebook.

My first and foremost passion is poetry.  I have a box full of notebooks and diaries that date back to adolescent pining and angst that took place for years and years.  There are numerous unpublished chapbooks and several manuscripts of poetry.  I also dabble in painting, photography, and fiction.  I have active remnants of those endeavors as well.

It wasn’t until recently that I discovered the field of marketing with my new job.  And what a wonderful fit it is as it merges both my innate creativity and my developed skill set.  It is my personal synthesis.  I have had the ah-ha!  The light bulb has gone off and it has clicked that this is exactly what I was meant to be doing.  I start my mba with a concentration in marketing in a few months actually.  Can’t wait.

What you can expect from me?  Honesty.  I am this transparent in real life too.  That you can rely on.  I try my best. I’m not always perfect.  But I am a person of strong character, doing my best to do the right thing even if it seems that I am often going against the grain in this regard.  I believe that there is great strength in being yourself.  You can also expect a lot of heart.

And that’s an introduction to personal synthesis.