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I have been working diligently to complete and release my first ebook in several years and I am proud to be able to present it for free on  Please check it out and show your support for a Jersey poet/artist/writer!  The poems in this series reflect on life throughout my 2-year commuting experience in and out of New York City.  I created the cover art using just pencil and acrylic paints.  The “Purple Skies” were inspired by the style of Claude Monet and the often purple tint of the NJ/NY skyline.  The unfinished drawing of the woman is a throwback to one of the poems in the series, “Canvas.”

Train Rides and Purple Skies in Jersey

Also, if you haven’t downloaded Dream Big, a free slideshow that I created of inspirational photography, artwork, and narrative, please feel free to browse that as well.  May your dreams be big and your future bright.