Dreaming v. Dream-Killing

A note to dream-killers, cynics, and other naysayers:

Dreams are the vision, the kernel, the seed, from which you begin your journey of personal growth.  If forgotten or neglected, you go where the wind blows and where circumstances dictate that you take root.  You have nothing but the default mode.

I don’t understand the dream-killers.  I don’t understand people who knock dreams.  I think there is a streak of mean-spiritedness and condescension.  I detect a vein of cynicism that runs through the process of dream-killing.  Perhaps, they ignored their own seed, that gentle whisper of their childhood dream, and took the path that was presented to them.  To their credit, my guess is that they probably focus on the lack of action associated with “dreams.”  Dreams are associated with the cerebral, the subconscious, and the ephemeral clouds.

Sure, you need action.  You need to get the ball rolling.  But, if you don’t have the vision, you don’t go anywhere with purpose.  You need a starting point.  You need a visual.  If you can’t picture it, if you can’t dream it, there is nowhere to go.  Your default life sets in so that’s how you live.

Don’t knock the dreams.  They are there for a reason.  If you want to focus on something, focus on the dream.  Then narrow the focus on your lens.  Set it to one of intentionality and the active pursuit of your dream.

Without the vision, what’s the use?  What’s the use of doing anything?  Where does bitterness get you?  Go grab your dreams.  Use that as your compass then head out into the wilderness.

Dream Big – The video is on YouTube now.