To blog or not to blog

I haven’t posted on this blog in over a year.  Where have I been?  How can I explain such absence?  Well, various events and circumstances have contributed to the hiatus.  But probably the most influential factor was having someone close to me tell me that this writing was “not that good” and that I should stick to poetry.  It was crushing.

Yes, I was indeed a victim of a dream-killer but I have seized my power back as a blogger.  This was supposed to be a space for my synthesis and reflections.  And, this is exactly what I will continue pursuing.

I have suffered from illness last year and have been out of work.  I have not, however, been idle.  I started and host an art group with my friend, Diana, called Art in the Park that features a day full of creativity workshops in the gorgeous parks in central New Jersey where I live.  I hosted an art exhibit party last month in my home which was a huge success.  I am actively working on moving forward with my novel (currently seeking feedback and advice about agents).  And last but not least, I have picked up the pen again, literally.  I have burst through the clouds and have started writing and journaling again.  I have several new poems.  I am even looking forward to some open mike opportunities.  My health has improved.  Since February, I have lost 28 pounds with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

In short, I live a full, active and blessed life.  I am so grateful.  And, I am so happy to take up this blog again.  Carpe diem.