A Public Service Announcement From ME

Beware the following individuals are in our midst:


Users are the epitome of selfishness.  They are ego-centric, the world revolves around them.  They will take and take from good people and never once return the favor.  Once they have taken all that they can from you, you will be discarded without remorse.  Rehabilitation is close to impossible, do not think you can make an exception.  Don’t be surprised if they come looking for favors, usually sexual in nature, even after your relationship has ended.  They just haven’t found a new sucker to use yet.


Emotional vampires seek to suck the light right out of you.  They live in a dark hole of life, usually depressives not getting help.  They are attracted to emotional health, vibrancy, and enthusiasm.  They will steal your fire and suck the life right out of you until you become just like them, miserable.


Space cadets are emotionally decrepit people.  Do not try to analyze their disability.  I used to think that they couldn’t help that they are emotionally handicapped and it could be overlooked.  They are almost always physically beautiful.  And their aloofness may sometimes be attractive even, but this is a guaranteed heart-break.  They love having the upper hand of not caring to your ultimate downfall.


Trolls have no life, are almost always nerds, sometimes hoarders of sorts.  They are usually highly intelligent but beware they are known for stalking behavior and sometimes harassment.  Do not make the mistake of feeling sorry for them.  Once you give them an inch of attention, they will latch on to you.  They will shower you with attention and compliments.  This is obsession not love.  The moment you show any doubt to their character, they will unleash their troll fury on you.


Remember you are not here to be a savior to any of these people.  Let them find religion and become reborn on their own account.  If you see any of these people (they come in all shapes, genders, and nationalities, etc.),  RUN, don’t walk, away.


Integrity as a process

Integrity.  On Stephen Covey’s video tutorial on the four areas of life (body, heart, mind, spirit), he examines the word “integrity” and links it with the word “integrated”, resulting in a holistic state of being connected.  Are you connected?

I am connecting.  The insight into this take on integrity is the action involved.  It’s not a pious value to be put on a pedestal.  Integrity is an ongoing process of connecting with others everyday.  Living by principles on a daily basis while we interact with the people in our lives is a balancing act.  It’s also the microcosmic process of connecting the four areas of your own life.  This is what I spoke to in my first blog entry as personal synthesis.

I am an introverted extravert, meaning I need to connect and I need time to reflect on my own.  According to the Myers-Brigg personality type system, I am an ENFP.  Here’s the breakdown on the ENFPs: http://www.personalitypage.com/ENFP.html.  That’s an outstandingly accurate depiction of me. I tend to have issues with balancing the “me” time and the social time.  (If you haven’t taken the personality test yet to figure out your type, I highly recommend it.  Find out your personality type at this link: http://www.personalitypage.com/home.html.)

Successful people know how crucial relationships are in life.  Some would even say they are the most important aspect of life.  So why do we go lax in our social and professional lives?  Or in our personal lives?  We not only have to nurture these relationships, we have to tend to our relationship with self.

Stephen Covey literally wrote the book on successful people in The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.  Staying connected within your circle of influence is paramount to keeping your life moving in the right direction.  But there are two aspects of balance at play: the social and the personal.  You can’t function socially to the best of your ability if you are fragmented on a personal scale.

I am pointing these things out for myself but with the intention that it may help others in the process.  I know I need to stay connected.  While “trying my best” is my mantra, I have messed up with people in the past.  Mainly, I’ve withdrawn and gone into my little self-absorption bubble too many times. But that’s what’s so ingenious about looking at integrity as a process.  You admit when you are wrong, try to make amends, and keep moving forward.

“Everything is connected to everything else.” Stephen Covey