I could do the usual listing of descriptions and nouns that we all tend to use on these things.  I usually like to stress that I am a poet, writer, author, spoken word artist, who dabbles in painting and photography.  (See my free ebook on slideshare.)  I am also an energetic and well-rounded professional from the business world with strong organizational, marketing and administrative skills.  I went to Rutgers University and have a BA in gender studies and political science as well as an International Studies certificate.

There are lots of other aspects of my identity that people who know me would identify as strengths and such.  But, I don’t tend to offer up and promote something that I don’t have full 100% confidence to back up and prove to you at any given moment.  Say for instance… intermediate conversational Spanish that is very rusty by the way.  Quieres practicar conmigo?  Por favor mandame un email de cualquier cosa si quieres.

What I think my challenge is: how do I sit here and define myself in a fully synthesized way?  To elaborate on this, I have always treated the artistic side and the professional side as separate entities… distant cousins at best.  For years, I told myself things like, “poetry doesn’t pay the bills” and “doing what you love will go no where” “you’ll be a starving artist, poet, writer” etc. etc. etc.    Well, it has occurred to me that this line of rationalizing on my part has played a key role in fragmenting my existence to the point at which I had to say that I was doing myself a disservice.  I was holding myself back.

So in synthesizing my parts of self, I can tell you that I am an artist in every sense of the word as well as a savvy business professional.  I can meditate here with you on the philosophies of life, the joys of free writing from stream of consciousness, right along side musing on online marketing strategy and why we need more integrity in the workplace.  I believe in inspirational leadership.  And leading by example.  I have always been touched by the quote by the sales and motivational guru, Zig Ziglar: “You are endowed with the seeds of greatness.”  It’s in all of us. Dream big.


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