I see with my eyes closed

Evolving shapes in mauve

Let light emanate from me

In my meditative state

I push my light out into the world

It starts with a spark within

I gently push all thoughts

Out of my mind

Repeating the mantra


I am aware without my thoughts

I exist happily in my

Sparkling rose essence

*”righteous Absolute of Attainment which a human being can achieve”




It’s been a long, long time coming.  I am happy now.  So truly happy.  It feels like a dream.  I am blessed in so many ways.  I am embarking on a new dream career.  I’ve lost 17.5 lbs on Jenny Craig.  I have wonderful friends and family.  I met an incredible man on a similar path as me.  It’s amazing how things all work out.

It took tenacity to get to where I am, a lot of hard work and unflinching focus.  And I know it will take the same tenacity to keep the dream moving forward but now it’s time to bask in the glow a bit. Here’s where I’m smiling serenely basking in said glow.

Happiness is something you need to maintain.  It starts with an optimistic outlook and continues with perseverance in spite of the odds against you.  You may get derailed by poisonous people but remember that’s a minor blip, dust yourself off and get back on track.

Happiness is what you maintain in spite of adversity.  When you get into adversity, it’s easy to lose sight and stop counting your blessings.  For instance, I got into a car accident yesterday.  No one was hurt.  But it was my fault and my insurance is going to go up and I have a deductible.  It could have totally killed my happiness but I didn’t let it.  I let go and let God.  And the blessings continue to flow.

I’m an adherent to The Four Agreements (Don Miguel Ruiz) and I’ve read every book in the series.  And I’m a believer in their power to transform your life into a dream.  Everything is a test.  But so are blessings.  They are a test to see what you do with them, to see how you treat and appreciate them.  I’d like to move into mastery but right now I’m still battling it out in the warrior phase.

Not taking anything personally

Not making any assumptions

Being impeccable

And doing my best.