Still I can see… from a pause

I think of you from time to time.  And you are so many people.  I’m sure the reflection reflects back.  Play me some strings.  In fact, play me a song.  Or have you forgotten how?  Have you forgotten the music?  I almost did.   Perhaps it was a pause.  I can’t explain being on pause other than just stopping and that’s pretty accurate.  But there’s something violent in the impetus of a pause.  It takes something of a greater force to get going again.  And I will play you a song now.  How I forgive you…  How I wish you the world… How I wish you well…  I held on tight to a principle and paid a heavy burden.  And I realize I hold on a lot to this right and wrong while I judge you for judging and it’s a real hypocrisy that needs to stop.  But there’s only so much I can change.  The rest is fixed.  I only hope you forgive me too.  And I think you do.  There’s a light on in the hallway and it’s 4:30am.  I see.  I stand.  My hands toil this earth as do yours.  And mine’s always been outstretched in your direction.  It’s so quiet sometimes. I’ll wear a feather in my ear to symbolize flight.  I want to be like the honeybee working hard and sipping nectar.  And I think I am.  But would you believe me if I told you I suspect it’s a little harder for me with these emotions on my sleeve?


Here are the songs I was listening to while I wrote my rant from a pause.  Enjoy!



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